Customize Styling

From size to style, Kitaab gives you the full features to customize font and background in whatever way you like.


Continue from last session

Coming back after sometime, continue reading the same book from wherever you left off in the last session.



Easily navigate to next or previous page by just one tap. Select right or left tap whichever suits your hand.


New way of social sharing

Select any text you want and share it with your friends in image form which is easily and more readable across all platforms.


Beautiful Fonts

Unlike Facebook or Whatsapp default Urdu font, Kitaab displays beautiful fonts just like in paper books.


Read the pure ebook

Industry standard “epub” format gives you the authentic pleasure of e-reading on mobile devices.


Day & Night Mode

Your eyes are precious. Easily switch between Day and Night Mode by one tap to change all theme.


Jump to any chapter

Jump to any chapter you want by navigating through the Table of Contents and taping on the desired chapter.


Add Bookmarks

Add your own bookmarks wherever you want in the books and retrieve easily through the list.


Offline Reading

Once you download the books, you can read anywhere anytime even if you do not have internet.

Read in a way you like

Comprehensive customizing features give you the power of changing font style, increasing or decreasing size, selecting your favorite color, adjusting line height, putting margins and changing background color too.

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Day & Night Mode

Fond of reading in bed before falling asleep? Turn off the lights and switch to Night Mode by one tap to read without hurting your eyes.

Read English

If you are a fan of English literature too, then Kitaab can read English ebooks as easily as Urdu thus making it a universal ereader for you. You can switch to display all interface in English if you are more easy with it.


No more scanned PDFs

Get rid of reading low quality static PDFs containing scanned images of books. Get the full pleasure of reading Urdu on mobiles with the power of ebooks.

Read hundreds of books FREE

Kitaab comes with a vast library of hundreds of free, classic, public-domain, license-free Urdu ebooks. Just browse the Online Library, select your favorite title in your favorite genre, download book to your mobile and read absolutely free. We believe that Urdu classic literature is a precious treasure left by our ancestors and we not only deserve but it is our duty to take pride in it.

legends of urdu
social sharing

Introducing a unique way of sharing

Social sharing is fun and sharing your favorite excerpts from your favorite books makes it educational too. Select any text you want to share, tap the Social Sharing button and Kitaab will make an image to be shared on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. On social media, sharing images rather than text is way more effective and people give more attention to the content of images rather than simple plain text.



Publish your paper books in electronic format to reach a global audience and tap the technology lover market. Sell ebooks at a cheaper price so that people who don’t afford paper books can still access your works. Kitaab comes with a complete DRM system to prevent piracy.

Join our Affiliated Publishers list and take advantage of the powerful ebook platform. Contact Us to know more.


Whether you are a published author or an amateur struggling to let the world hear you, Kitaab gives you a platform to e-publish yourself and let your creativity reach millions of Urdu speakers living all around the globe. Earn by selling ebooks to a much wider audience than that of paper books.

Publishing on Kitaab is absolutely FREE. Contact Us to get yourself published on Kitaab.

"Kitaab is an outstanding app and along with it's e-publishing system, Kitaab is opening new digital frontiers for Urdu."

KHALID SHAREEF, Renowned Urdu laureate


And many more…

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